“I was born with no basketball talent”: Nets’ Kevin Durant makes some eye-brow raising statements about talent in this world, and how much drive can achieve

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant has a weird interaction with fans on the topic of talent, on Twitter


We’d say Kevin Durant is a pretty talented basketball player. Wouldn’t you?

The man has clearly given his life to the game and worked tirelessly towards everything he has achieved so far in his career. Heck, many people may not even remember this, but during his first couple of seasons in the NBA, the man didn’t really have a left hand, and so would constantly drive to the right.

Now, the man makes all sorts of insane shots with his left hand, as if it’s just something ordinary for someone’s off-hand to be that good.

But, even with all the work, he has put in, there is the role of talent too, right? At the end of the day, how many people in the world can say they are 6’10” in this world, without being sloppy and heavy-footed? How many can say, that at that size, they have the agility, flexibility, and speed of a guard? And of course, how many people can say they have the same supreme level of talent as the Slim Reaper, to actually make the league?

Unquestionably, KD is gifted… or so you’d think at least, right?

Well apparently, Kevin Durant doesn’t.

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Kevin Durant believes he wasn’t born with any talent whatsoever as a basketball player, through interaction with fans on Twitter

You read that right. And frankly, when we saw the interaction, we were just as confused as you are at right this moment.

Now, we could explain to you what happened, sequence after sequence, giving you a rough idea of what’s going on. But instead of doing that, how about we just show you?

It all started off with this tweet. And as you expect NBA Twitter, the replies were filled with all kinds of meant things to say about his career. But among all this noise, it seems Kevin Durant found a few comments worth replying to. Here they are below.

The little halogenic reply about being born with everything, and Russell Westbrook’s face aside, frankly, the more we think about this, the deeper this conversation seems to get.

Which side would you be on? Is there talent in this world, or none at all?

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