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NEW DELHI: India women’s cricket team will open its campaign in the rescheduled Women’s ODI World Cup against Pakistan on March 6, 2022 at Tauranga’s Bay Oval in New Zealand. Among the marquee games, Tauranga will host the rematch of the 2017 Women’s World Cup final at Lord’s with India taking on England on March 16.
The event, which was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic from its original window in February-March 2021 with the same six host cities and venues retained, will be held between March 4 and April 3, 2022.
It will feature eight of the world’s best nations going head-to-head across Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin.
Here is the full schedule of the 2022 ICC Women’s World Cup (all timings are in IST):
March 4: New Zealand vs West Indies in Tauranga (6:30 am)
March 5: Bangladesh vs South Africa in Dunedin (3:30 am)
March 5: Australia vs England in Hamilton (6:30 am)
March 6: Pakistan vs India in Tauranga (6:30 am)
March 7: New Zealand vs Bangladesh in Dunedin (3:30 am)
March 8: Australia vs Pakistan in Tauranga (6:30 am)
March 9: West Indies vs England in Dunedin (3:30 am)
March 10: India vs New Zealand in Hamilton (6:30 am)
March 11: Pakistan vs South Africa in Tauranga (6:30 am)
March 12: India vs West Indies in Hamilton (6:30 am)
March 13: New Zealand vs Australia in Wellington (3:30 am)
March 14: Pakistan vs Bangladesh in Hamilton (3:30 am)
March 14: South Africa vs England in Tauranga (6:30 am)
March 15: Australia vs West Indies in Tauranga (3:30 am)
March 16: India vs England in Wellington (6:30 am)
March 17: New Zealand vs South Africa in Hamilton (6:30 am)
March 18: Bangladesh vs West Indies in Tauranga (3:30 am)
March 19: India vs Australia in Auckland (6:30 am)
March 20: New Zealand vs England in Auckland (3:30 am)
March 21: West Indies vs Pakistan in Hamilton (6:30 am)
March 22: Australia vs South Africa in Wellington (3:30 am)
March 22: India vs Bangladesh in Hamilton (6:30 am)
March 24: South Africa vs West Indies in Wellington (3:30 am)
March 24: England vs Pakistan in Wellington (6:30 am)
March 25: Bangladesh vs Australia in Christchurch (3:30 am)
March 26: New Zealand vs Pakistan in Wellington (3:30 am)
March 27: England vs Bangladesh in Christchurch (3:30 am)
March 28: India vs South Africa in Wellington (6:30 am)
March 30: Semi-Final 1 in Christchurch (3:30 am)
March 31: Semi-Final 2 in Wellington (6:30 am)
April 3: Final in Christchurch (6:30 am)

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