“If I’m going to take one thing from this All Stars, it’s going to be Monty Williams!”: Nuggets’ Nikola Jokic heaps praise for the Suns’ Head Coach, was impressed by his work with Team LeBron

Nuggets’ superstar Nikola Jokic talks about Monty Williams, discusses how he’d be the key takeaway from this year’s All-Star Game

The All-Star Weekend at Cleveland was a huge hit! Leaving the Dunk Contest aside, the rest of the weekend was full of memorable events. The All-Star Game would go down in history as the time Stephen Curry decided to go Video Game mode. Steph erupted for 50-points, making 16 triples along the way. Nikola Jokic had a rather quiet night. The 2021 NBA MVP recorded 10 points, 9 rebounds, and 8 assists.

After the game, Nikola Jokic talked about Monty Williams.

Reporter: “I wanted to ask you about Coach Williams and what you thought of him”

Jokic: “If I’m gonna take one thing away from this All-Stars it’s gonna be Monty Williams. He made such a big… not impact, just that he surprised me. He surprised me.”

R: “How so?”

Jokic:”In the best possible way. You know, as a person, as a coach, as a man. So if I’m going to take one thing away from this All-Stars it’s gonna be Monty Williams.”

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Monty Williams was all praise for Nikola Jokic and the other stars

Coaching in his first All-Star game, Monty Williams was in for a surprise. When asked about the stars after the game, Williams said,

“I was blown away by the players’ ability to just lock into what we were doing,” Williams said. “It was an All-Star game and I didn’t expect that. When I was talking to DeMar (DeRozan) and Giannis (Antetokounmpo) and LeBron (James) and Steph (Curry) about playing and minutes, they were like, ‘Coach, whatever you need, I’m ready.’”

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Well, looks like the players loved Monty as much as he enjoyed working with them. Chris Paul, part of Team LeBron, as well as the Suns, said this about Williams.

“At this point in my career, I can’t imagine playing for another coach,” Paul said. “I’m serious. Some situations you get in and you get spoiled, and you be like ‘this is the standard, I don’t know anything different than this.’” 

All this love, and the league’s leading record. Monty Williams must be doing something right.

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