“If the Playoffs started tomorrow, we’d be in some trouble”: Stephen Curry talks about the Warriors’ struggles after loss against LeBron James and the Lakers

Warriors’ Stephen Curry talks about the team’s latest struggles, talks about getting back on track before April

The sirens may or may not have started ringing in the Golden State Warriors camp. After having a wonderful start to the season, they struggled a little in January, when Draymond Green got injured. After that, the Warriors found their footing, managed to win 9-games in a row. However, since then, the troubles have caught up again, and the Dubs are 2-8 in their last 10 games.

Stephen Curry, after his struggles all through December and January, has managed to find his rhythm again. Despite his shooting slump in the two months, his scoring and efficiency on the court never went down. Ever since the game against the Knicks, Curry has been back to putting up his usual numbers. Draymond Green has been out of action for almost two months now, and Klay Thompson has hit a recent rough patch. These all have factored into the recent Dubs slump. After the loss against the Lakers last night, Stephen Curry talked about the same.

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“I’m not going to let us become a losing team!”: Stephen Curry

After two seasons of being out of the postseason, the Warriors are on their way back to the playoffs. However, the recent stretch of games has been troubling for the team. There are only 18 regular-season games left for the Dubs. Considering how the Dubs have been recently, this number is kind of concerning. Stephen Curry talked about it post the loss last night.

Despite the losing, Stephen Curry doesn’t want the team morale to go down, and their mentality to trend downwards. It is a long season, and to make it into an even longer post-season, mentality is as important as physical preparation. Curry knows that, and he wants to make sure, his entire team remembers the same.

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With Draymond Green and James Wiseman bound to return soon, the Dubs seem to have better days coming soon. However, till then, they need to hold on, and not give up.

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