“If you put LeBron James with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, they win a title”: NBA talking head debates the merits of Pat Riley reuniting with The King for one Last Dance with the Miami Heat

Colin Cowherd says LeBron James would be a nasty addition to the Miami Heat, adding that Tyler Herro and draft compensation could make it work.

It seems every Tom, Dick and Harry has a theory for exactly how to solve the Lakers’ mess. Right now, Lakers nation is basically on suicide watch, teetering at a thoroughly underwhelming 27-33 record.

The roster is clearly not even among the top-20 most talented teams in the league this year. Due to a serious lack of depth in shooting, the Lakers are unable to capitalize on the strengths of James and Westbrook.

In addition, both of these Hall of Fame point guards have been guilty of carelessness with their distribution. Russell Westbrook is playing unequivocally the worst basketball of his career from every single standpoint.

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Amid all of this turmoil, what the Lakers seem to need to contemplate about is their long-term future. At 37 years of age, LeBron James is now definitively out of the conversation for best player in the NBA.

Does Rob Pelinka have it in him to dismantle the pairing he created – Anthony Davis and LeBron James? Will he be able to acquire some useful pieces in any trade he makes for Russell Westbrook? What is the Lakers’ plan to phase The King out?

Colin Cowherd wondered a lot of these points aloud during his monologue on the Lakers today.

“If you put LeBron James with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, they win a title”: Colin Cowherd

The idea of LeBron James reuniting with a former team – the Cleveland Cavaliers – has been doing the rounds of late. However, Cowherd has a novel solution that theoretically brings him to the site where he had the most success – in Miami with Pat Riley.

“I don’t think Miami are dynamic enough with Kyle Lowry at point guard, I don’t think that’s gonna work. If you put LeBron James in Miami, with Jimmy Butler and Bam, I think they could win a title.”

“And LeBron would lead them. He would have the ball. Jimmy Butler doesn’t need the ball as much, you can put him on the wing. Bam is a big.”

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Cowherd also proposed that Tyler Herro, Kyle Lowry, Duncan Robinson and 2-3 first round picks would be enough for Pat Riley to snag LeBron from the Lake Show.

What do you think about this proposed trade?

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