“I’ll give K-Pop a chance, especially Bam-Bam”: Andrew Wiggins shouts out Bam-Bam for lobbying for his first All-Star appearance at Cleveland

Andrew Wiggins thanks Bam-Bam for campaigning for his All-Star Game legitimacy and says he’ll give K-Pop a shot. 

Andrew Wiggins didn’t just make the Western Conference All-Star team. He made it is a starter for the frontcourt. NBA analysts likes Zach Lowe didn’t even have the former Minnesota Timberwolve on their shortlist for All-Star reserves yet here we are, with the Warriors’ defensive savant starting alongside his teammate, Steph Curry, in Cleveland. 

Andrew Wiggins put up solid averages of 18 points on 40% shooting from the beyond the arc on the season. He’s been rock solid on that end along with the defensive end of the floor as well, holding opponents to 41% on all field goal attempts when he’s the primary defender.

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Safe to say that him being an All-Star this year is unprecedented but there is a case for him deserving to be on the team, no doubt about that. 

it has however, been hypothesized and pseudo-proven at this point that Wiggs got help from an unlikely fanbase to boost his chances of starting at the ASG: the K-pop fandom. 

Andrew Wiggins acknowledges the boost he received from Bam-Bam. 

Given just how popular the GoT7 member is, it’s understandable that he was able to pull together an incredible amount of his fans to vote Andrew Wiggins into the All-star game. His original tweet was released on January 8th, 2022, calling him one of the best two-way players in the league.

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This tweet alone got 38,000 retweets and though it wasn’t solely responsible for getting Wiggins into the ASG, it certainly helped quite a bit. 

Following the Golden State Warriors’ victory over the Brooklyn Nets last night, the former ROTY was asked about this to which he said, “I didn’t know [who Bam Bam was] but now I’ll never forget him. I haven’t listened to K-pop yet. I’ll give it a chance though. Especially Bam Bam.” 

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