“I’m a Michael Jordan guy, but LeBron James has the greatest story in sports history!”: Charles Barkley sings praise of the Lakers’ star on the Draymond Green show

Hall of Famer Charles Barkley talks about LeBron James and his greatness on the latest episode of the Draymond Green show

Whenever thinks of the best player to ever play basketball, Michael Jordan is thought of often. Right behind him is LeBron James. LBJ is one of the best ever to play the sport of basketball. Even in his 19th season, James is showing us all how good he still is, putting up around 29 points every night.

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Despite his countless accolades, LeBron often gets a lot of shade thrown his way, and it’s mainly due to comparisons that others create. Ever since he entered the league, LBJ had this enormous pressure of being the next big thing after Michael Jordan. 19 years later, LeBron is dragged almost on a daily basis by people to draw GOAT comparisons with MJ. This often leads to people forgetting how incredible LeBron truly is, and how special his career is. Charles Barkley, on the latest episode of the Draymond Green show, talks about the same.

“LeBron James had the most pressure of any player entering the NBA!”: Charles Barkley

This week, Charles Barkley made an appearance on the Draymond Green show, and the two TNT co-workers had a lot to discuss. Towards the end of the episode, they talked about how guys like Skip Bayless make their entire career out of hating on individual players like LeBron James.

Chuck went on to discuss LeBron and how great he truly is. He said,

“Let me make this clear, I’m an MJ guy. But what I think LeBron has accomplished is arguably the greatest story in sports history. Number 1, you look at Kobe(Bryant), Kevin Garnett, guys like that, they were not good players when they first got to the NBA. LeBron is the only player, in my 40 years in the NBA, who played great from Day 1. For him to turn into one of the best players ever. He has never gotten into trouble, especially in this world of 24*7 social media. For him to be this great from year 18, to where he’s at now, I think it’s one of the great stories of the sport.”

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Despite Barkley and LBJ not seeing eye to eye always, he still respects what the King has accomplished and gives him his flowers. More people should do the same and enjoy the King’s greatness while it lasts.

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