Is Ben Simmons playing today vs Boston Celtics?: Reports announce worrying back injury update on Nets star ahead of matchup vs Jayson Tatum and co.

Will Ben Simmons be available for selection for Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics?

Ben Simmons has not played a single game this season. And yet, he may just be the player fans are the most hyped up to see back out on the court.

We’ll be honest here. The former 76ers star’s offensive game is still more than just a little suspect. Frankly, when he does come back, even at his best, we don’t expect him to be some supreme superstar, who can suddenly hit all the jumpers in the world.

But, the fact of the matter is, his defense is absolutely outstanding. In fact, he is so good, he could easily be the anchor of the Nets’ season, even when things get tough in the playoffs.

It is exactly for that reason that fans of Brooklyn have been so eager to see Big Ben in action. However, will he make the fans’ wishes come true during the Nets’ game in Boston?

Let’s find out.

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Ben Simmons will be unavailable for the blockbuster match between Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics

So, it turns out that Ben Simmons is actually suffering from an injury at the moment. Here is Nets’ General Manager Sean Marks to explain exactly what is going on here.

The key thing to take away from his statement is that there isn’t really a timetable on Ben Simmons right now, which means there is a possibility the player won’t be healthy enough to play for a long time.

We wish Ben Simmons a speedy recovery and hope to see him back out on the court again, very soon.

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