Is Jamal Murray playing tonight against Toronto Raptors: Denver Nuggets release injury update on star guard ahead of matchup vs Fred VanVleet and co.

Will Jamal Murray be available to play tonight against the Toronto Raptors, for the Denver Nuggets

His absence, and to come return may not receive as much notoriety as Klay Thompson’s did. But boy, do we miss Jamal Murray!

The last we saw of the explosive guard, was last season when he went down with his tragic ACL injury, something that has kept him out to this day.

But, despite just how badly such a major affected him, there have been rumors that Murray could be back out on the court as soon as the Nuggets’ next game.

So, to make sure what the reality of this situation is, we looked into it. And well, it is time to answer whether or not the Denver Nuggets will finally see their star guard back out on the court, during their upcoming game against the Toronto Raptors.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

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Jamal Murray has a 50% chance of returning before the 2022 playoffs for the Denver Nuggets

Before we get any Nuggets fans hoping, however, we will add that the player is confirmed to be out during the game against the Raptors.

Still, this is absolutely massive news, especially considering that it was heavily assumed that we’d only see him play again, next season.

While we are just a tad bit disappointed that we won’t get to see Jamal Murray perform tonight, we couldn’t be happier to hear that he could be back pretty soon.

We can’t wait to have you back, Jamal Murray!

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