“Isiah Thomas is making a GOAT case for LeBron James because he still has PTSD from Michael Jordan”: The 2x NBA Champion makes a case for the King to be ahead of His Airness, if he crosses Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

2x NBA Champion and leader of the Bad Boy Pistons, Isiah Thomas makes a case for LeBron James as the GOAT ahead of Michael Jordan

Recently, the NBA commemorated its 75th anniversary and honored its Top 75 players. On that list, we had greats from all generations of the league. it was a blessing to see so many of the game’s greats gather in Cleveland for the celebration.

During the celebrations, we saw two of the greatest NBA players ever, Michael Jordan and LeBron James greeting each other with hugs.

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Just a few days after the NBA 75 celebrations, Isiah Thomas took to ESPN to try and create a rift between the two. Thomas got on First Take and tried to make a case for why LeBron James should be considered the GOAT. Everyone who watches basketball knows what Michael Jordan did, why he’s the GOAT, and rightfully so. However, Thomas did his best to make a case for LBJ.

Isiah Thomas is using LeBron James as a cover for his hatred towards Michael Jordan

People who are familiar with the NBA of the ’80s and 90s know about the Bad Boy Pistons. The Detriot Pistons of the late 80s and early 90s were an unstoppable force, with Isiah Thomas at the helm. However, Michael Jordan put an end to their reign of terror. There has been a lot of bad blood between MJ and Thomas, and clearly, the two aren’t over it.

During his appearance on First Take, Thomas argued that LeBron is certainly the GOAT, as soon as he crosses Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the scoring list.

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Well, NBA Twitter can see right through what Thomas is trying to do, and called him out for the same.

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