“James Harden, NYC to Philly is just a 90-minute drive!”: Richard Jefferson hilariously mocks the fact that Daryl Morey picked up the Beard in a private jet

Sixers’ President Daryl Morey picks up James Harden in a private jet, Richard Jefferson hilariously takes a dig at the same

It has been 3 days since the Sixers traded for James Harden. The Sixers and the Nets came to an understanding just hours before the trade deadline. The 76ers had to give Ben Simmons, Seth Curry, Andre Drummond, and two first-round picks. Daryl Morey, the Sixers’ president has a special relationship with James Harden, further serving as motivation for the trade.

After the trade, Morey uploaded media on Twitter earlier today, which showed him and James Harden in front of a private jet.

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This did not sit well with Richard Jefferson, who went on to point out how close NYC and Philly are.

NBA Twitter reacts to James Harden getting his star treatment yet again

Daryl Morey, as we all know, is a championship-first executive. He would do anything to win, and we saw the same all throughout his time in Houston, and now in Philly. After empowering Joel Embiid for two MVP caliber seasons, Morey now added the firepower of James Harden to the mix as well.

After looking at this picture on Twitter, a lot of users had thoughts, and they didn’t shy away from sharing them.

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With Joel Embiid and James Harden, Morey is finally looking to winning his ring. He has a great shot, if he manages to get these two to gel together and play. It would be fun to see how that goes.


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