“James Harden went 3-of-17 and then to his favorite place – the strip club”: NBA fans roast Sixers star for partying with Travis Scott and Lil Baby after their heavy loss to Kyrie Irving and co

James Harden was not on his game when the Nets came to town at the Wells Fargo Center. But he did match steps with Lil Baby and Travis Scott.

The Brooklyn Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers took on each other in what had earlier promised to be a blockbuster game. After all, the storylines involved the return of Ben Simmons to the team and fanbase that had drafted him.

The additional storyline of James Harden trying to get one up against his former teammates was also copiously overloaded on NBA Twitter. People tried to troll other fans into believing that this is a real legacy game for any of the 4 superstars involved.

While Brooklyn came out victorious and Harden had his first bad game as a Sixer, there is absolutely no cause for concern. When Kyrie is on his game as he was last night, there’s precious little that can be done.

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Nevertheless, fans with low foresight and no hindsight tend to demand scapegoats after every loss. That’s the side of NBA Twitter that we’ve seen, when it comes to James Harden, in the past 16 hours or so.

NBA Twitter roasts James Harden after his footage partying with Lil Baby and Travis Scott goes live

As expected, NBA Twitter wanted no part of Harden taking his head off a bad loss. They wanted him to sulk in the darkness of his bedroom, soaking in memories of his performances from the L.

But this is nothing new for James Harden. This is a man who’s arguably never been given the props that he feels he truly deserves. And despite joining forces with Joel Embiid, if the Beard doesn’t win a ring or two, fans will likely forget how good he was at his peak.

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