“James Harden will be back soon enough!”: Nets’ head coach Steve Nash provides reason behind why the Beard likely won’t miss the All-Star game, despite injury

Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash gives an update on James Harden’s apparent injury ahead of the 2022 All-Star Game


James Harden is in a weird position right now.

On one end, he is in a pretty positive position right now, in terms of getting to play in the All-Star game, since he is the 4th, most voted-for guard in the Eastern Conference. Keep in mind, the All-Star game only allows 4 guards from each conference.

He may be just skimming in, but that’s still a pretty good position, right? And it definitely would be… if this didn’t happen.

Before anyone panics, this isn’t anything major. After all, it is just a strain, and all you need to do is rest, and exercise a little bit to stretch it out from time to time.

Still, countless Nets fans have been a bit worried about how long the Beard will have to be out, and whether he will even be available for the All-Star game. And so, the man was asked about an update on the matter.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

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Steve Nash confirms that James Harden’s injury is not a long term one, rather one that is to be assessed game-to-game

Ahead of the Nets’ game against the Warriors, just about everybody expected James Harden to be in the starting lineup. But then, when the lineups were released 30 mins before the game, there was no mention of him.

As the tweet we put out above says, he is currently dealing with a hand strain, something everyone found out about incredibly late on. And naturally, that raised the curiosity around the player. Something, that Steve Nash decided to quell during his pre-game press conference.

Here is what he said.

Despite fighting valiantly, the Brooklyn Nets eventually lost this one 106-110.

If James Harden was healthy enough to play, who knows what the result might have been. But frankly, we’re also just really happy that he’ll be back for the Nets fairly soon.

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