“James Harden will disappoint you or leave you flat when you least expect it”: Skip Bayless goes off on former Nets star for leaving his second team high and dry just an year apart

James Harden has kind of forced his way out of two franchises in just a year and Skip Bayless believes the Philly guard disappoints his teammates all the time.

After a blockbuster trade that saw Ben Simmons go to the Brooklyn Nets and James Harden in the opposite direction, to the Philadelphia 76ers, most experts are considering both teams as title favorites now. But not Skip Bayless.

The Fox Sports veteran analyst believes Harden cannot be trusted, and rightfully so. Recently, in his first press conference in Philly, the Beard revealed that even last year, he wanted to be in Philadelphia.

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Almost everyone knew this at that time but to say this out loud after leaving your team high and dry, Harden did not do any favor to his already damaged image as a bad teammate.

And pardon me for saying he left the Nets high and dry, they have got Ben Simmons in return. A big point guard who can defend one through five and cannot shoot, to support Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving? That’s a far better match than James Harden with those two.

But still, this trade shook the NBA community, as many weren’t certain if the 10x All-Star really wanted a trade out of Brooklyn. And Skip Bayless went on a rant against the man on Undisputed on a segment, namely “Why James Harden will sink the Sixers”.

Skip Bayless calls James Harden a Quitter

Bayless mostly has some of the most ridiculous takes among all the analysts in the business. But he sometimes comes off right. This breakdown about how the 2018 MVP is not a trustworthy teammate will not make many people mad, as most of his takes do.

Doing the same thing in a somewhat similar pattern with the Nets what he did with the Rockets is not just sickening to watch, but also raises questions on the ambition of one of the most prolific scorers in the league’s history.

If he fails to deliver a championship with Joel Embiid and Co within a couple of years, the 32-year-old might just not lose the fitness he needs to be his prolific self, he might also get bored by his new teammates as well.

That’s what his pattern of playing with superstars has been. First, he ran off from a terrific team in OKC in 2012. Then he managed to fend off Chris Paul, who helped the Rockets to be one of the best franchises in the league alongside Harden. And then he did the same with his close friend Russell Westbrook when Brodie came to join forces with him in Houston.

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Not gelling with just KD or Kyrie might not have done any damage to his image, but having done it throughout his career, it doesn’t leave any chance for him to do it again.

Otherwise, he still might end up as a First Ballot Hall of Famer, but he would only be remembered for his antics. He has to deliver big-time for Philly now.

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