“Jayson Tatum is a problem; he’s an amazing shot maker!”: Kevin Durant only had the richest praise for the Celtics’ young superstar on his recent Knuckleheads Podcast appearance

Kevin Durant says Jayson Tatum will be a really big problem for opposing NBA defenses in the years to come.

The Boston Celtics seem really blessed to have on their roster one of the NBA’s most refined, yet most explosive scorers at the current moment. What makes this blessing even better is that Jayson Tatum really is the complete package.

When you take a look at his playing style today, you can see a major difference in how much the game seems to have slowed down for him. He’s now making flawless reads off double-teams and doesn’t need to force the issue in order to get his offense going.

This maturity level has, in turn, unlocked the Celtics’ offense to a point where they now seem to be playing instinctively. JT is also probably the best defender on their roster right now, save for Robert Williams.

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This two-way excellence that the now-24-year-old has displayed for 3 straight seasons should propel him to an All-NBA Second Team berth at the very least.

Kevin Durant analyzes the skillset that Jayson Tatum has spent years nurturing

Kevin Durant was a guest on the Knuckleheads Podcast over 3 months back – at the start of this season. At the time, the Brooklyn Nets seemed to be chugging nicely along at the #1 seed.

The Boston Celtics, meanwhile, had gotten off to a stuttering start, and were unable to establish much team chemistry. Questions were raised about everything related to the franchise – questions that ended up sounding impatient and way off the mark in 3 months.

KD, however, will never be stooping to the level of the average NBA fan’s banter. He spoke in glowing terms about Jayson Tatum and his skillset:

“He’s a problem, man, he’s an amazing shot-maker. That’s one thing that really stood out when we played them. The length on his jumpers is…it’s tough to get a contest or a good contest. And then (he’s got) the handle with it, and his creativity with it, it was impressive.”

“He’d show you a step-back hesi, then he crossed it over again to pull up mid-range. Just like, he’s got a lot of tools in his bag. And at that age, it was rare to see that.”

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