“Jonathan Kuminga is Luka Doncic’s dad now!”: NBA Twitter explodes as Warriors rookie Jonathan Kuminga throws down a nasty one on the Dallas Mavericks

NBA Twitter reacts as Golden State Warriors rookie Jonathan Kuminga throws one down over Josh Green


Jonathan Kuminga has been progressing really well throughout this season, for the Golden State Warriors throughout this season. And frankly, given that they got one of the worse off scenarios with James Wiseman’s development, fans of the franchise should be extremely happy with the playing time he has got… even if it only came due to the unfortunate injury of Draymond Green.

No matter how he got into the rotation though, Kuminga is finally here. And boy, is he a joy to watch.

The Warriors rookie is an incredibly smooth athlete, who seems to float and glide, instead of walking and running. His jumpshot is frankly still a work in progress. But his dunks… well let’s just say we recently got a pretty nice showcase of what he can do there, very, very recently. And unfortunately for him, Josh Green was on the wrong end of something magnificent.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

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Jonathan Kuminga throws down a vicious dunk over Josh Green, and NBA Twitter has a field day with it

If we’re honest here, we can’t really explain it much better than the subheading right here. So, how about we just show you the play in question?

Take a look at the tweet below.

And when you throw down a dunk like that, it doesn’t matter who it was against, NBA Twitter is going to be buzzing about it.

As things stand, Jonathan Kuminga is only averaging about 11.8 minutes per game. But if he keeps making plays like this, we don’t imagine that number stays as low as it is, for too long.

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