Jordan Clarkson on Donovan Mitchell: ‘He’s a real, real superstar’


Mitchell’s mother, Nicole, was also heavily involved. She gave Kearns High School boxes of spiral notebooks and other school supplies they handed out to students. And as part of the work with his foundation, Mitchell gave Adidas backpacks to kids at the high school during an assembly. “Being able to do that, kind of show my face there, especially in a state that doesn’t have as many people that look like myself, that was big,” Mitchell said. “Just like the look you see in kids’ eyes when you see the look of shock, that you’re actually at this place. And that’s what made me want to keep going. … The teachers were telling me, I’ve never seen our kids produce at a high level, like focus, attention, at a high level during the assembly and then post-assembly.” -via The Athletic / January 10, 2023


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