“Jordan Poole, don’t settle for 6th Man of the Year, be an All Star!”: Warriors’ Head Coach Steve Kerr explains why he is so tough on the 22-year-old

Warriors’ Head Coach Steve Kerr explains his toughness on Jordan Poole, shares the high goals he’s set for the young star

At the start of the season, the Warriors got a very pleasant surprise. Jordan Poole, entering his third year in the NBA, showed up looking like a whole different player. After showing glimpses of excellence last season, Poole worked on it last summer and improved his game by a big margin. However, since Klay Thompson returned in January, there was a big dip in Poole’s game. Steve Kerr and the team kept pushing JP, and it seems like he’s found his way to contribute and is back.

The Golden State Warriors hosted the defending champions, the Milwaukee Bucks tonight. The Bucks, coming in red-hot, on a six-game win streak, were blown out by the Warriors. Jordan Poole and Klay Thompson were the key driving forces behind the Warriors getting the dub tonight. Poole scored 30 points, grabbed 6 rebounds, dished 5 assists, and got a steal. Klay recorded a game-high 38 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 block, and a steal.

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Steve Kerr believes Jordan Poole has All-Star potential

At the start of the season, Jordan Poole was starting alongside Stephen Curry. However, with Klay returning, Poole had to return to the bench, and become the 6th man for the team. There were many thoughts about Poole winning the Most Improved Player, the way he started the season. However, the form in January and early February changed the same. Steve Kerr was harsh on the young one, and I guess that did its job.

Over the last six games, Poole has scored 20+ in all and has been efficient while doing so.

After the game tonight, Steve Kerr explained why he’s so tough on JP.

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Well, Kerr isn’t wrong. If Poole continues to play the way he has in the last few games, he would surely make a mark as an All-Star reserve. However, being consistent would be the main point for the same.

Poole was told about it later, and he replied,

Getting such praises from a Top-15 coach all-time is a big deal, and Poole knows it.

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