“Just gave James Harden a lap dance, and he told me he’s a Sixer!”: A Brooklyn stripper claims that the former Nets’ star told her about the trade a day before it became official

A New York club stripper claims that James Harden told him about the trade a whole day before it actually happened

James Harden, as we all know it, loves the nightlife. He’s always been spotted frequenting clubs and is very well known for being a strip club connoisseur. During his time with the Rockets, Harden was often known to be out partying all night and then showing up to play the next morning.

However, as his age is catching up to him, the former Nets‘ star couldn’t manage both things. He continued to go out every night, especially on the team’s long western conference road trip recently. This was affecting his performance and resulted in a low 4-point night against the Sacramento Kings. This was one of the issues the team management couldn’t find a resolution to.

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Recently, there have been reports that the James Harden-Ben Simmons trade was made public by the Beard. He revealed the information a whole day before the trade was announced officially.

James Harden told a stripper that he was a Sixer, a day before the trade got announced

Harden loves strip clubs. The man is notoriously known to spend most of his evenings in one. Despite battling with a hamstring and a hand injury, the Beard found time to visit a joint, a day before the trade deadline.

A stripper at the same club claims that she was giving Harden a lap dance, and he told her he was a Sixer. This was all happening on 9th February, a day before the trade deadline.

Once the trade got announced, the same user came back to her tweet to tell everyone she wasn’t lying.

Well, if Harden had to tell anyone, it would definitely have been the people he spent the most time around. I guess he told the right sources.

Looks like his nightlife in Philadelphia was already sorted even before he got there. A nightclub named ‘Sin City’ in Philly already put up a post welcoming James as soon as the trade got announced.

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Well, hopefully, with a team that has its own offensive identity, Harden can manage his nightlife and work, both at once.

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