“Just wave your hands like you just don’t care, that’s the way Chuck played defense”: Charles Barkley indulges in some self-deprecating humor, comparing his defense to the shot-blocking machine at The Skills Challenge

NBA Hall of Famer and TNT analyst Charles Barkley hilariously jokes about not playing defense in light of Cade Cunningham practicing shooting against a shot-blocking machine.

With the All-Star Weekend kicking off, the crew of Inside the NBA was back for the annual gala event. With players gearing up for The Skills Challenge, Charles Barkley had some interesting comments on seeing rookie Cade Cunningham practicing against a shot-blocking machine.

We all know, The Chuckster doesn’t mince his words and has a great sense of humor. The former MVP would have his funny side on display again while commenting on Cunningham practicing for The Skills Challenge

Barkley had no qualms about engaging in some self-deprecating humor, taking a dig at his defense. The eleven-time All-Star had a defensive rating of 104.5 during his career. During a segment of the award-winning show, The Chuckster had co-panelists Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson in splits.

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The Round mound of rebound known defense was never his strong point, not hesitating to make fun of himself.

Charles Barkley mocks his defense, leaving the cast of Inside the NBA in splits.

There is no doubt The Chuckster makes for good television. Whether it’s his hot takes or sense of humor, the veteran is a gateway to high ratings. With the All-Star Weekend kicking off, the award-winning show Inside the NBA was doing a segment before The Skills Challenge.

During the segment, a clip of Cunningham practicing shots against a blocking machine was shown. Barkley would have everyone in splits, mocking his defense, saying the following.

“That’s the way Chuck played defense, just standing there and waving my arms. Just wave your hands like you just don’t care. There no foot movement just wave your hands.”

Though Barkley was never known for his defense, he averaged a 22-point double-double during his career, which included almost 12 RPG. The Chuckster had a career 1.5 SPG and is part of the NBA’s  75th-anniversary team.

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The Chucskter’s ability to make a joke about himself on national television goes on to show his skills to entertain both on and off the court.


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