“Kawhi Leonard says something when he’s got something to say”: NBA 75 nominee and living basketball legend Julius Erving named The Klaw as his favorite current player on JJ Redick’s podcast

Kawhi Leonard is perhaps the NBA’s most consistent playoff performer in today’s date. Julius Erving loves a lot of things about his persona.

The phrase ‘Game recognize game’ seems to essentially have come from streetball culture. While it stands true in all different walks of life, it is absolutely applicable to the NBA in particular.

Legends who built the NBA from the ground up tend to always be great ambassadors of the sport. The likes of Julius Erving, Michael Jordan and other iconic players over the years have always given their roses to the superstars of the day.

Kawhi Leonard is one player who seems to find universal praise when it comes to this fraternity of NBA legends. As they say, the more humble you are, the more the elders build you up. And Kawhi is a guy who deserves all the love he gets, and more.

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Despite having to go through significant trauma early in his basketball journey, the Klaw has stayed true to his soul and has always done his best to borrow from and replicate the work ethic of legends before him.

His humility and extremely low word count have also found him tons of admirers. Julius Erving is certainly one of them.

Julius Erving absolutely loves the way Kawhi Leonard limits his public interactions

Julius Erving was a guest with JJ Redick on The Old Man and the Three podcast last year. Dr. J went through a whole range of questions about his life and times in the NBA.

By the end of the interview, their conversation was more centered on shorts about the current NBA. However, when Redick posed the Doctor the absolutely tough question about his favorite current NBA player, he didn’t hesitate while going with the Klaw:

“I love watching Kawhi, going back to his days in San Antonio. You know, I was a big Tim Duncan fan. And San Antonio having their roots in the ABA, you know, created a bias for me.”

“So when Kawhi came on the scene – he was the MVP in the playoffs – I started watching him more closely. And I like what he brings to the table.”

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“People say they don’t like his demeanor…I love his demeanor! He says something when he has something to say. When he’s got nothing to say, go talk to somebody else! So yeah, he would be at the top of my list.”

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