“Kawhi Leonard was really leaving kids scarred for life in 2019!”: When the Clippers’ superstar hit his iconic shot vs 76ers in 2019, and just how ravaged it left a family

Flashbacks to the 2019 NBA Playoffs as clip is revealed of Kawhi Leonard ravishing the emotions of a family after THE shot


Remember when Kawhi Leonard was regarded as the Terminator because the man seemed to literally have no emotions? Like seriously, we don’t know what Gregg Popovich did to rookie Kawhi, because he pretty much became the ideal Spurs star.

Then of course, as we all know, Leonard would have his eventual debacle with the Spurs, causing him to ask for a trade to LA. But, with the Spurs being as petty as they were at the time, he was sent to the very opposite of the sandy beaches of LA. Heck, this place wasn’t even within the bounds of the United States of America.

He got sent, to shivering, freezing Toronto.

During the single year, he was with the franchise, he led them to an incredible playoff run. And in the middle of that very run, Kawhi came up, with perhaps one of the most iconic shots of all time.

To Raptors fans, and even most neutral fans, this moment brought on pure, unadulterated hype. For 76ers fans, however… let’s just say a certain video comes close to revealing just how much pain that moment represents.

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A family of Philadelphia 76ers supporters is thrown into complete chaos as Kawhi Leonard hits the unthinkable clutch shot

Allow us to take you back in time here.

Before this NBA season, before the last one, before the bubble, before Covid even. Allow us, to take you back to the 2019 Playoffs

The Toronto Raptors and Philadelphia 76ers were both hailed as contenders during this run. And as fate would have it, they would meet in the second round of the Eastern Conference.

This series wasn’t an easy one for either team. Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry led this team in example and spirit, while Joel Embiid, Jimmy Butler, and Ben Simmons’s big three led theirs on.

Both teams continued to throw haymakers at each other throughout this series. And now, in the final seconds of game-7, the Raptors had possession of the ball and looked to inbound it in.

No matter how cinematic we make it, you know what happens next. But what you may not know, is just how chaotic the reactions of certain 76ers’ fans really were.

Yep. Kawhi Leonard really did that. And that kid will forever resent him for it.

Also, legend has it, pops in the sofa hasn’t moved to this day… and that the kid is still screaming, running around him.

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