“Kendrick Perkins stopped playing basketball two years before he retired”: Richard Jefferson hilariously goes at the former Celtic big-man during the All-Star Celebrity Game

Richard Jefferson doesn’t hold back in roasting Kendrick Perkins during the All-Star Celebrity game as he calls out his last years in the NBA. 

Richard Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins make quite the duo on NBA analysis shows when on together. While Perkins usually looks for the hot take and shows love to teams that are underappreciated like the Memphis Grizzlies, RJ is a bit calmer and gives opinions that are solely out there to combat what Perk said. 

The two would actually be extremely close to sharing the court together as Cleveland Cavaliers. The 2017-18 season saw Kendrick Perkins ride the bench for LeBron James and company but was missing Richard Jefferson who played for the Denver Nuggets that season after having been a Cav the previous two season.

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The All-Star Celebrity Game saw both the two former Cavaliers go at one another in yet another verbal sparring match. Given their history with James, RJ and Perk hilariously argued over who knew LeBron James better while also roasting one another. 

Richard Jefferson shows no mercy to Kendrick Perkins during the All-Star Celebrity Game. 

It’s a well known fact that Kendrick Perkins was a great role player during his prime and playing days. As time went on, he would go on to lose minutes and would ride the bench much more often. His last season in the NBA saw him play 1 game during the 2017-18 season for the Cavaliers.

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While on the broadcast for the All-Star Celebrity Game, Richard Jefferson talked about not having played basketball ever since retiring in 2018. When asked when Perkins stopped playing basketball, RJ hilariously said that he stopped 2 years before retiring, causing him to burst out in laughter. 

Technically, Jefferson isn’t wrong here as Perkins didn’t play NBA basketball during the 2016-17 season and as mentioned earlier, played merely one regular season game in ‘17-18. 

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