“Kevin Durant could lead the league in scoring every year if he wanted”: Kendrick Perkins continues his subtle narrative of repressing Michael Jordan’s GOAT status with another prisoner of the moment take

Kendrick Perkins responded to Kevin Durant dropping a big scoring weekend game on the New York Knicks with another piece of clickbait.

It is tough to understand whether or not, and how much, Kevin Durant loves or hates his former teammate. But one thing is for sure – Kendrick Perkins is a guy whom everyone notices.

By now – his 3rd season as a full-time analyst at ESPN – Perkins is adept at churning out and bringing narratives to life. One of the things he does pretty well is subtly pushing his agenda regarding LeBron James as the GOAT.

If you follow the man when he comes on talk shows, there’s this bias of his that is pretty brazen. Any episode of First Take featuring him will have a heavy dose of narrative-building for sure.

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One of the things that Perkins does in conjunction with this policy of his is to bring Kevin Durant up. The duo have beefed in the past, with KD calling out Big Perk during the early pandemic days. It ended with Perk coming on national TV in tears.

However, since that point, the two have also put this behind them and carried on with their on lives. And Perk is never hesitant to praise KD for any and every big performance. After all, who’d waste an opportunity to subtly push their main narrative?

“Kevin Durant could lead the league in scoring every year if he wanted”: Kendrick Perkins

Kevin Durant went absolutely berserk a few minutes back during the Knicks-Nets Sunday afternoon national TV game. The Nets superstar finished the game with 53 points – the second-highest scoring output he’s given in a single regular-season game.

Plaudits poured in for the Easy Money Sniper following another of his record-breaking nights. Big Perk had a tweet lined up for the occasion – after all, another signature KD scoring outburst has been in the making.

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There isn’t much to be said about this. Michael Jordan won the scoring title 10 times out of his 11 full seasons with the Chicago Bulls. He holds the regular season and playoff records for the highest scoring average by any player. KD himself ranks him as his GOAT. Scoring is part of the legend of MJ – and he’s the best to ever do that particular role on a basketball court.

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