“Kevin Durant!! hundreds and thousands of people died from the virus”: NBA analyst Michael Wilbon slams the Nets superstar for accusing NYC mayor Eric Adams of seeking attention

Veteran NBA analyst Michael Wilbon is livid over Kevin Durant’s comments on New York City’s mayor Eric Adams.

Nets guard Kyrie Irving’s appearance at the Barclays Center on Sunday’s game against the Knicks had many questioning NYC’s COVID mandate. Irving, who is unvaccinated, is not allowed to play home games. However, he can attend the games as a spectator.

Unlike before, Irving’s teammates and peers are openly supporting him on this matter. Recently, superstars Kevin Durant and LeBron James slammed the mandate, calling it ridiculous, and the fact that it makes no sense. Nonetheless, mayor Eric Adams is in no mood to lift the mandate, stating Irving can play tomorrow if vaccinated.

During a recent press conference, KD called out the NYC mayor for wanting attention in light of the COVID mandate. This statement from Durant has irked veteran analyst Michael Wilbon, who called the two-time Finals MVP irresponsible for his statements.

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Wilbon asked Durant to call out his teammate Irving rather than Eric Adams. The analyst asked the Nets superstar to take some responsibility and accountability.

Michael Wilbon goes off on Kevin Durant following his comments on the NYC mayor.

Currently living in the pandemic era, people need to continue exercising caution. COVID has been a big topic of debate in the league, courtesy of Uncle Drew. NYC’s mandate that prevents unvaccinated players from participating in home games has received polarizing views.

The contradictory nature of the mandate states that while its home city’s unvaccinated players are not allowed to participate in home games, this doesn’t hold for the visiting team. Irving’s latest visit to the Barclays Center as a spectator had everyone chanting free Kyrie Irving in the audience, with superstars like Durant and James joining in on that.

However, NBA analyst Michael Wilbon was in no mood to listen to all of this and was livid over KD’s comments on mayor Adams wanting to seek attention.

“Kevin Durant is too aware and plugged in to say something that impertinent. What’s the point of that? you want to call out somebody, call out your teammate and tell him to get a shot. I mean, all of these guys want to be so irresponsible and not accountable enough to look at this dude and tell him, ‘You wanna play with us, put a shot in your arm.”‘

Wilbon continued,

“The vaccine is not about attention, people died, hundreds and thousands of them from this virus, and you think the mayor of New York needs to attend to a basketball team’s needs, your needs before he needs to attend to the needs of the biggest metropolitan in America, are you kidding me?”

Well, Wilbon isn’t lying. If KD is so critical about the mandate, why doesn’t he just ask Irving to take the vaccine and end the controversy?

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With the playoffs around the corner and the Nets trying to get out of the play-in situation, Irving’s services are required on an urgent basis.


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