“Kevin Durant straight mossed LeBron James during flag football!”: Nets superstar caught a wild touchdown pass over ‘The King’ in a Team Durant vs Team LeBron game

Kevin Durant channeled his inner Randy Moss against LeBron James in a friendly yet competitive flag football game. 

LeBron James is one of the few athletes the world has seen that could’ve transitioned beautifully from one professional sport into another. Growing up, the now 4x champ excelled at basketball of course, but was also incredible as a wide receiver for St. Vincet-St.Mary, with 27 touchdowns in merely two seasons of play. 

It was also heavily reported during the 2011 NBA lockout that the Dallas Cowboys were ready to offer LeBron James a contract to come play for them, with James eventually declining the offer.

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Kevin Durant is yet another athlete who could’ve perhaps dabbled in the world of football. He has been a diehard fan of the Washington Commanders (formerly the Washington Redskins) for over a decade now as he’s from the DMV area. 

Durant once said, “I could play football. I can be a wideout at least. There’s wideouts that’s 6 feet, 170 pounds. I can go all routes.” It would certainly be a delight to see a 6’10 man play wideout in the NFL and we got a glimpse of what that would look like a couple years back. 

LeBron James and Kevin Durant square off in flag football. 

While Team LeBron faces off against Team Durant this coming weekend at All-Star weekend yet again, the two have headed squads in a whole other sport once before. During the aforementioned lockout season, LeBron James and Kevin Durant played a friendly quite competitive game of flag football against one another. 

“We playing, but we ain’t playin’ though, if you catch my drift,” said Bron prior to the game commencing. Safe to say that he was right as the bout featured several highlights from him picking off passes from the opposing team leaving a trail a duct behind him.

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Kevin Durant on the other hand, had perhaps the best highlight of the game where he decided to channel his inner Randy Moss to catch a pass in the endzone right over James in the 2nd quarter. 

Team Durant ended up losing the game with a final score of 70-63. The two NBA superstars did prove however that they have, at the bare minimum, the fundamentals along with the conditioning to play a full length football game.


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