“Klay Thompson is legendary when he’s clicking, and that’s gonna happen soon!”: Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr talk about Klay’s struggles amid the Warriors’ skid

Warriors’ Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr talk about Klay Thompson, back him up during his struggles post-All-Star break

The Golden State Warriors are not having a good time. After having a 9-game win streak to start February, they have gone 2-8 in their next 10 games. The Warriors, after losing to the Lakers last night, are now on a 4-game losing skid. This recent breakdown has resulted in Memphis Grizzlies catching up and taking the #2 spot in the West.

One of the main reasons behind the same is the absence of Draymond Green. Green, who is the heart and soul of the team, is also the defensive leader, and the one through whom the offense runs. Along with that, Klay Thompson has had a rough couple of games since the Warriors’ last encounter with the Lakers, and it has been a factor towards the skid. Last night, Klay just put up 7 points, on 3/13 shooting from the field. After the game, Steve Kerr and Stephen Curry both talked about the same.

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“The illness has messed with Klay Thompson and his conditioning”: Steve Kerr

The Warriors lost a close contest to the Lakers at Arena last night. LeBron James pulled up with a 56-point double-double. Despite Stephen Curry’s 30 point night, the Warriors just couldn’t manage to outscore the 2020 NBA Champions. After the game, Steve Kerr talked about Klay Thompson and his recent form.

“Yeah Klay’s pressing… I feel like the illness that kept him out a couple of games kind of affected his conditioning.”

Stephen Curry also talked about Klay after the game.

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There was no doubt that the entire team is with Klay as he figures out how to get back to his level. Steph and Kerr’s statements only reflect what the Warriors as a whole feel about Klay. Returning after 2.5 years of injuries, Klay has already been performing way past what people expected. In the 19 games he’s been back, he’s only failed to score under double-digits twice. Thompson is a born shooter, and he’ll figure his troubles out soon enough.

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