“Kyrie Irving working overtime on Kevin Durant and his Twitter account”: NBA Twitter reacts to the Nets superstar’s latest post referencing Allah

It seems that after Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant himself could be headed on the path of conversion to Islam. Or so NBA Twitter likes to think.

Kevin Durant is a man of many talents. He’s used his platform as an all-time great basketball player to hone and build on the other sides of his personality.

The 6’11” sharpshooter is not just about making buckets from 35 feet out. He’s also dabbled his hand at music production, invested in real estate and startups. Durant is the CEO and founder of ThirtyFive Ventures – a venture capital firm that funds early-stage startups.

Despite all of these talents, which indicate that KD is a subtle man capable of posting light-heartedly on the internet without context, people are hell-bent on starting and building narratives of their own out of thin air.

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It’s this selfsame thing that has also happened with the latest tweet put out by the Easy Money Sniper.

NBA Twitter reacts after Kevin Durant references Allah in his latest tweet

As expected, NBA Twitter had quite the fleet of jokes lined up after Kevin Durant put this post up. KD has long held the unenviable record of having more tweets than points – something that changed this season.

However, these tweets seem to be ranging from sympathetic(?) to pathetic(!) in the way they’re connected to reality, or not.

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I guess all of these viewers forgot that Kevin Durant often references hip-hop lyrics through his tweets. They’ve also forgotten that KD is a born-again Christian – admittedly a much lesser-known fact.

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