“Lakers, Rams and Dodgers should have a joint parade!”: LeBron James attempts to sneak in his 2020 NBA championship parade with that of the Super Bowl as Twitter goes crazy

LeBron James has made quite the outrageous proposal about the LA sports teams following the Rams’ Superbowl LVI victory.

The city of Los Angeles has been uniquely blessed to have 3 of their sports franchises win the major leagues within just the past 18 months.

It began with the Lakers wrapping up the NBA Finals 4-2 against the Miami Heat in the DisneyWorld Bubble. The LA Dodgers sealed their own MLB championship run within 2 weeks of that – in late October 2020.

However, the entire world was severely hit by the Covid-19 pandemic at the time. Los Angeles itself reeled heavily from its effects even as its sports teams tried to celebrate their victories in whatever subdued fashion that they could.

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What happened was pretty unfortunate if you look at things from the angle of the victorious athletes. Players play, above all, for fans of the game and their team. Not having the opportunity to celebrate a much-vaunted championship run with fans was doubtless a disappointment for King James.

NBA Twitter reacts after LeBron James proposes the Lakers, Rams and Dodgers having a joint parade

LeBron James tweeted about the Super Bowl LVI all through the game even as he occupied some prime seats at the SoFi stadium last night. The 4-time NBA Finals MVP could be seen celebrating as Odell Beckham Jr scored a crucial touchdown.

Aaron Donald and co sealed the deal by holding Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals scoreless in the final quarter. They scored a touchdown of their own to take the decisive lead as well. This sent the entire city of LA into raptures, celebrating the Rams’ first Super Bowl in 22 years.

LeBron found this the appropriate opportunity to propose a combined LA championship parade. True fans of basketball would totally get his call given the emotional nature of the sport we play.

However, not everyone inhabiting the interwebs is prone to bouts of empathy, especially for multimillionaire athletes. And thus came a chorus of boos and hate from bots and real people alike.

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