“LaMarcus Aldridge was the first person to bust my a**”: Bam Adebayo narrates how the Nets’ veteran schooled him as a rookie for the Miami Heat

Through 5 years of playing in the NBA, All-Defensive Team member Bam Adebayo has had a great progression. But LaMarcus Aldridge schooled the green rookie for good during his time with the San Antonio Spurs.

LaMarcus Aldridge may be a washed-up veteran on this date, but the streets will never forget how good he was. Playing his 16th season now, Aldridge is still schooling fools in the low post and elbow regions as he always has.

The former Blazers and Spurs All-Star’s best quality is his ability to play offense on his own terms. LaMarcus has developed a remarkable repertoire of post moves, a lot of which rely on elite pump fakes and sudden turns.

His low post scoring even this late in his career is good enough to feature among the league’s most efficient scorers at that playtype. There’s a very high probability that LaMarcus Aldridge ends up in the Hall of Fame. It would be a thoroughly deserved selection for him, ringless or otherwise.

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Bam Adebayo narrates how LaMarcus Aldridge schooled him during his rookie year

Miami Heat star Bam Adebayo was recently a guest with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles on the Knuckleheads Podcast. The first question that the retired NBA veterans asked Bam was one that they ask every one of their guests: Who was the first person to bust yo a** in the NBA?

This question always produces some great answers from most guests, and Bam’s answer was pretty great itself:

“It was LA, big LA – LaMarcus Aldridge. First person to really like welcome me to the league. My rookie year, I think it was our second home game. That’s when he was on the Spurs.”

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Bam Adebayo had a mere 4 points as a starter in that game. LaMarcus Aldridge, meanwhile had 31 points and 7 boards in a blowout 117-100 win for the Spurs.

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