“LaMelo Ball transforms the Hornets from trash to treasure!”: NBA Twitter unearths eye-opening stat revealing just how important the star really is

NBA Twitter unearths eye-opening stats on just how important LaMelo Ball is to the Charlotte Hornets

Head coach James Borrego may not want to hear anything about it, but LaMelo Ball is indeed the Hornets’ franchise player.

The Ball brother is already one of the best point guards in the entire NBA… and he is just 20-years-old. And if you think that sounds absolutely insane… well, that’s because it absolutely is. Except, it’s true.

But, even with that being said, there are still some that believe that LaMelo Ball’s 19.9 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 7.5 assists, on 42.2% shooting, and 36.5% from three, are just empty stats.

And to them, (and the rest of you with an actual, valid opinion), we’d like to bring a few simple stats from this season to attention. And let’s just say, those few lines of datum ought to set every hater straight.

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Numbers with LaMelo Ball on and off the court reveal just how amazing he has been in the NBA this season

Oh yes, if you’re also one of those people that believes Ball did not deserve to be an All-Star this season, what we have coming up here, ought to set you straight as well.

But, what is this crazily mystical statline that we keep hyping up? Well, to find out, take a look at the tweet below.

Put in the simplest way, LaMelo Ball makes one of the worst offensive teams in the NBA, one of the top 5 in the league, when he is on the court.

For context here, Phoenix Suns, the team with the best record in the league right now, has an offensive rating of 113.4 as well. Again, they stand as the team with the best record in the NBA right now and are one of the favorites to win the 2022 NBA championship.

Of course, there are things that matter apart from how many points a team can score per 100 possessions (which is what offensive rating is).

But still, being on par with the Phoenix Suns on the offensive end? We’d say that’s pretty darn impressive.

We just hope that Hornets head coach James Borrego gets the memo, and actually plays LaMelo Ball more consistently. Otherwise… well, Charlotte might as well be wasting his talent.

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