“LeBron James and Bronny James to play for the OKC Thunder??”: Former Lakers teammate Kyle Kuzma makes a hilarious prediction

Former Lakers teammate Kyle Kuzma jokes about LeBron James joining the OKC Thunder to play with son Bronny James.

LeBron James has proved to all of us that sports science has come a long way. The 37-year old superstar is playing at an MVP level and continues to impress with his freakish athleticism and agility. In his 19th year, James continues to be the driving force of the Lakers that consists of a former MVP in Russell Westbrook and an eight-time All-Star in Anthony Davis.

During a game against the Memphis Grizzlies this season, James shocked the world when he faced Ziaire Williams. For those who don’t know, Zaire is the former high school teammate of Bronny James. The two teenagers played together for Sierra Canyon.

According to a recent report, James claimed that he was willing to move out of LA, the only condition being he gets to play with his son. Hoop fans were quick to jump the gun on this news, forming their predictions, consisting of where could father-son duo play together.

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One such personality happened to be Wizards forward and former teammate of James, Kyle Kuzma. The former Lakers player believes OKC Thunder GM Sam Presti is the only one that can pull off this masterstroke move.

Kyle Kuzma predicts the James father-son duo playing for the OKC Thunder.

The Oklahoma City Thunder are treasurers of the top draft picks in the NBA for the coming years. Over the next couple of years, the Thunder have an astonishing 38-picks in the draft. These include 19 in the first round and 19-picks in the second round.

The sacrifice of trading the likes of Russell Westbrook, Paul George, and Chris Paul has earned the Thunder a fortune. In what it seems, Sam Presti has his job as GM secured.

Thus with news of LBJ wanting to team up with his son Bronny breaking out, Wizards forward Kuzma tweeted the following.

Though it’s too early to come to any conclusion, Kuzma’s prediction makes sense. There is no doubt that getting LeBron and Bronny together on board will be a mammoth task. In all probability, James’ eldest son will be a top pick in the draft. Though Thunder has top picks, we know luck works in its mysterious ways.

Thus Presti might have to trade a variety of picks to move his position in the draft class. Though James is aging, he continues to play at an elite level. Thus the Thunder would need the moolah and assets to have the King on board, as well.

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It will truly be heartwarming to see the father-son duo play together, as it will be a first in the history of the NBA.


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