LeBron James’ Beverley Hills Mansion Costs $6 Million More Than Andrew Tate’s Romanian Estate

LeBron James was named a billionaire by Forbes earlier this year and it’s understandable as to how and why. ‘The King’ has been in the NBA for 20 years now and has been one of the best players in the world for those 2 decades. He’s used his on-court excellence as a way to succeed financially off the court. 

Everything from investments in a variety of businesses to endorsements with companies like Sprite and Nike, James has gotten passive income down to a ‘T’. Not to mention the fact that he’s earned hundreds of millions of dollars from his contracts with teams in the NBA. 

Of course, with fame and money comes a whole lot of purchases that seem to be unfathomable by the common man. It makes complete sense that the LeBron James has a combined property portfolio of over $100 million. However, his most impressive would have to be his mansion in Beverley Hills.

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Andrew Tate and LeBron James mansion comparison 

Andrew Tate has taken the world by storm over this past year due to him constantly getting on everybody’s social media feed through his ‘Hustler’s University’ program. The former kickboxing champion has amassed a net worth of around $350 million through this scheme of his. 

He lives in Romania and has a mansion in Bucharest along with his brother, Tristan, that has been valued at $30 million. The mansion that James has in Beverley Hills however is worth $6 million more, with it being bought for $36 million. 

The difference in their size however, is astonishing. While Tate’s secluded mansion is reportedly 2,000 square feet, LeBron’s is close to 7x as big at a whopping 13,000 square feet. Safe to say that James got his bang for his buck in comparison to the controversial social media entrepreneur. 

Andrew Tate goes at the sport of basketball 

Andrew Tate, being the controversial figure that he is, went on stream with Adin Ross and proceeded to berate the sport of basketball. Ross, who has streamed with Bronny James on multiple occasions, asked him how he felt about LeBron James and basketball in general. 

“Basketball is bulls**t. Nah, it’s gay. Basketball is gay. Just put the ball in the net. I mean, where’s the fun in that?” said Tate.

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