“LeBron James really vibing to Lil Durk with the volume turned off”: NBA Twitter mocks the King for praising the artist’s new album while having the audio muted

LeBron James gets mocked by NBA Twitter for putting up a story praising Lil Durk’s new album while having audio off

LeBron James is having a big week! The King dropped 50 points twice in his last three games, and got the Lakers their last two victories along the way. The 19-year veteran is playing some of the best basketball of his career, averaging a league-high scoring average.

Despite all of his efforts, the Lakers are struggling this season. They are 29-37 for the season and are barely clinging on to the 9th spot in the West. Last night, the King had to drop 50 and push all his buttons to lead the Lakers past Kyle Kuzma and his Wizards.

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After his big performance last night, it seems like LBJ was vibing to Lil Durk’s new album ‘7220’. He put up a story on Instagram, praising the artist for the same.

NBA Twitter roasts LeBron James over his Instagram story

In the story that LeBron uploaded, it can be seen that the media volume has been set to zero. This, as expected, triggered a lot of reactions from the audience.

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LeBron James and new music have had their share of history. Often, we can see LeBron vibing to the new releases, and singing along. A lot of the times he butchers up the lyrics. Once he messed them so bad, Gunna admitted LBJ’s confidence had him confused about his own song.

Well, the Lakers fans should be chill about anything and everything that gets LBJ in the zone and prepared for his next game. He’s the only bright spot for them during this season, and they should appreciate his game instead of critiquing the same.

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