“LeBron James, sit down before you can’t stand again!”: Shannon Sharpe begs Lakers’ star to limit his All-Star game for the sake of health on Undisputed

Shannon Sharpe talks on Undisputed about what he expects to see from Lakers star LeBron James during the All-Star game


At the start of the season, it seemed that every fan was clamoring about how LeBron James is in his 19th season. How the man is defying father time, still dunking the ball with authority while going on 37-years-old, how he is still one of the best in the league, and so on. And now, it seems that virtually all of that talk has suddenly just vanished.

Don’t get us wrong here. Of course, we’re not saying anybody believes the Lakers star isn’t still one of the best. Frankly, anybody who thought that way would be standout candidates for worst fans in NBA history. However, their current position of 9th in the West, combined with all the injuries sustained, have made fans of the franchise practically pray that he can stay their hero.

But, amidst all this praying, there is a tiny detail that needs to be remembered again. The Lakers superstar, at 37-years-old, is playing through a knee injury. There are few things more dangerous than that in the sports world.

There are about a billion reasons why Lakers fans should be incredibly frightened of what could happen. And going off those lines, Shannon Sharpe recently revealed what he thinks James should be doing during the All-Star break. And let’s just say, the NBA is not going to like it.

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Shannon Sharpe believes LeBron James should play no longer than 5 mins during the All-Star game

And as crazy as it may seem at first, this is an opinion that we can’t help but strongly agree with.

But, before all of you decide to accuse of blasphemy, how about we first let Sharpe himself explain why this wouldn’t be such a bad idea?

LeBron James is indisputably the most marketable star in the NBA right now. Heck, many still consider him to be the face of the league. But father time, and injuries, can be a real pain in the rear… or in this case, the back of the knee.

Playing through injury, in general, is dangerous. But for someone of LeBron’s age to do it? At that point, you’re just waiting for things to fall apart.

Alas, given the Lakers’ situation, there is no time to load manage. So instead, perhaps the man should consider limiting his time in the All-Star game as a compromise of sorts.

It may seem like something of a pain now. But, who knows? It could prevent a catastrophic injury that every fan of the NBA would go on to regret massively.

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