“LeBron James to have a museum after him in Akron, showcasing the various stages of his life”: The former Cavaliers player’s hometown pays homage to him

NBA superstar LeBron James to have a museum in Akron, showing the various stages of his life in exhibits.

The city of Akron, Ohio, to open a museum in honor of their hometown kid and four-time champion LeBron James. The historical site will open in 2023 and consist of various exhibits, giving us a tour of his life, from his years in Akron’s Springhill Apartments to establishing the I Promise school.

James played a combined 11-seasons for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The superstar had a love-hate relationship with the people, owing to his controversial decision to join the Miami Heat in 2010. However, it all changed when James ended the 52-year old championship drought of the city.

In 2016, James created history, cementing one of the best legacies in American sports history. The Cavaliers were crowned champions in one of the most iconic NBA Finals, becoming the first team in Finals history to come back from a 3-1 deficit against the 73-9 Golden State Warriors.

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According to Craig Webb of the Akron Beacon Journal, “The LeBron James museum will be part of the transformation of the former Tangier entertainment complex in Akron, which is being completely reshaped and rebranded into the House Three Thirty.”

“The museum will occupy much of the basement of House Three Thirty, which also will be home to restaurants, bars, and retail space when it opens next year”

LeBron James will have several exhibits showcasing the different stages of his life.

The four-time Finals MVP’s career can be the script for an award-winning movie. The kid from Akron was under the media lens from the tender age of 18-years, enduring all the comparisons and brickbats. However, James would prove all his naysayers wrong.

With LBJ entering the final leg of his Hall of Fame career, his hometown Akron decided to pay a much-deserved homage to him. The 37-year old’s life has been an open book, consisting of various highs and lows. The museum will give us an insight into the different stages of James’ life.

“The first exhibit space will feature his humble early years growing up in Akron’s Springhill Apartments,” Webb wrote.

“The next exhibit space will focus on how he honed his basketball skills, winning accolades and championships at Akron’s St. Vincent-St. Mary High School and forging friendships that have lasted a lifetime.”

“This all leads up to the big show — his NBA career,” Webb wrote.

“From the Cavaliers to the Heat back to the Cavaliers to the [Los Angeles] Lakers, this large exhibit space will take in his professional basketball career, which includes four NBA championships and two gold medals in the Olympics.”

“The next exhibit space will take a look at his off-the-court business ventures, such as a pizza business and various entertainment endeavors that include TV shows like The Wall and his movies like the recent reboot of Space Jam.”

“The final hallway is a bit personal for James and Akron.”

“Before visitors exit the museum, they will walk the path of his LeBron James Family Foundation, which includes the opening of the I Promise School.”

It’s no secret that James has been a champion for social justice rights and is known for his philanthropy. Unlike many sports icons, the Lakers superstar doesn’t hesitate to speak on socio-political issues.

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The museum will be one of the top tourist attractions in the city of Akron and a moment of pride.



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