“LeBron James wanted to be compared to Michael Jordan! Don’t complain now!”: Skip Bayless responds ferociously to Rich Paul’s comments on Lakers star’s journey

Skip Bayless announces why LeBron James is not allowed to complain about the road being tough due to his comparison with Michael Jordan


We will likely never see the end of the Michael Jordan vs LeBron James debate, even after the Lakers star retires.

No matter which side of the debate you fall on, you undoubtedly have some very valid points. And that is exactly the reason why this debate has been raging for so darn long. Frankly, you couldn’t go too far wrong, no matter who you choose.

But, that’s a point that Skip Bayless wouldn’t even come close to come agreeing with. After all, he is the greatest LeBron hater of all time.

At this point, the man has essentially made a living out of talking smack about the so-called Michael Jordan impersonator. And recently, he made yet another argument on that very same topic, except he had just a bit more spice to add to it.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

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Skip Bayless believes LeBron James has always embraced his comparisons with Michael Jordan

It is no secret that Michael Jordan was a huge inspiration to LeBron James.

He is the reason he wore 23 all throughout high school into a majority of his seasons in the NBA. His chalk-throws before the game is inspired by him. Heck, even his game to a large degree is inspired by him.

In many ways, the King looked, and even now, looks to emulate His Airness. But, as consequence, he has been compared to the Bulls legend for essentially his whole pro career.

Recently, Rich Paul, LeBron James’s agent spoke about how James’ journey has been difficult since the media wanted him to be the next MJ. But Skip Bayless… well, let’s just say he was having absolutely NONE of it.

We won’t lie, we do sort of agree that James chose to embrace all the comparisons with Jordan. At the end of the day, he knew early on that his homages to the man would most definitely come at a cost.

Even with that said, the man has indeed had a very difficult journey in the NBA, perhaps more so than anyone else, ever. The man should be allowed to complain about it at least, right?

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