“LeBron James will never be able to win a ring with Russell Westbrook!”: Shannon Sharpe goes ballistic on Lakers star during his embarrassing night vs Knicks

Shannon Sharpe goes off on Russell Westbrook in the middle of LA Lakers vs New York Knicks


If the Lakers lose this one, everybody is undoubtedly coming down on Russell Westbrook.

During this game, LeBron James and the crew were down by almost 20 points for most of the 2nd quarter. The defense looked without effort, the offense looked abysmal. And overall, the team just looked fatigued and tired.

But then, when the third quarter started, the team seemingly came alive out of nowhere. Malik Monk hit shot after shot, scoring a mammoth 18 points in just the third quarter, allowing the Lakers a lead of 3 points, as the score stood at 84-87 entering into the fourth.

But, before all of that positive momentum, you had Russell Westbrook, his game so glaringly bad, that perhaps that was the only thing that Lakers fans could really focus on. And it seems that Undisputed show host Shannon Sharpe had had quite enough of the Brodie, as well some more things about the Lakers, at the time, something he was very open about on Twitter.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

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Shannon Sharpe shows just how fed up he is with the Lakers’ lack of quality


We won’t lie, the Lakers’ defense during their terrible run in this game wasn’t exactly something you’d refer to as ‘beautiful’. And add to that, the fact that Russell Westbrook couldn’t make a shot to save his life at the time, and well, this frustration only starts to make more and more sense.

At the time of writing this, the score stands at 97-105 in the final minutes of the fourth. So, as things stand, it is very likely that the Lakeshow do pull this one out of the bag. However, if they mess this up, we may never hear the end of Russ being 1-10 from the field, or potentially even worse, from fans within the NBA community.

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