“LeBron James, you woke, spineless coward!”: UFC star Colby Covington takes another bizarre shot at the Lakers superstar at the UFC 272 weigh-in ahead of his bout against Jorge Masvidal

UFC Superstar Colby Covington’s obsession with LeBron James continues as he takes another dig at the Lakers star for no apparent reason at the UFC 272 Weigh-in.

Over time, LeBron James has emerged as one of the most active voices in sports with his political views and stances. The superstar’s criticism of various social issues is among the loudest in the sports world.

Thanks to his views, he has enraged many from all facets of life. UFC Fighter Colby Covington just happens to be one of those people. Some time ago, Covington took shots against LeBron, following his comments on former US President Donald Trump.

And since began the UFC fighter’s obsession with LeBron James. Second only to Skip Bayless. Over the years, the 34-year-old has attacked the Lakers star on many occasions. It’s no secret by now that UFC star Colby Covington isn’t the biggest fan of LeBron James.

And it seems like history has repeated itself once again, as he called the 4x NBA champion….this time for no reason whatsoever. So, exactly did he say? Read on to find out.

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Colby Covington called out LeBron James at the UFC 272 Weigh-in.

For not those familiar with the ins and outs of UFC, Colby Covington is a fighter in the welterweight division. The 34-year-old was even an interim champion at one point in his career. Ahead of his upcoming fight against Jorge Masvidal, Covington decided to take a shot against LeBron James…once again.

Speaking to Joe Rogan at the weigh-in, he goes on to say –

“Before I go, I want to say a big thank you to the real heroes and celebrities in this country. Not that woke, spineless coward like LeBron James. I’m talking about our heroes, law enforcement, military, our first responders. God bless you; God bless you all. God bless America.”

Why? That was so uncalled for. However, one shouldn’t really be surprised. After all, this isn’t the first time Covington has taken a dig against LeBron. While the previous incidents had a justifiable reason, Colby fans will have a hard time making an excuse this around.

As of now, LeBron James hasn’t responded to the comments. The King has more important things to worry about now, with the Lakers being absolutely tragic this season, as they look all set to miss the playoffs this season.

Meanwhile, Colby Covington will be laser-focused, as he goes up against Jorge Masvidal in the Welterweight division at UFC 272.

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