“Letting Kyrie Irving play against the Warriors makes no sense!”: San Francisco supervisor criticizes the NBA for letting Nets star play at Chase Center despite vaccine mandate

Politician Matt Haney shows his frustration as Nets star Kyrie Irving is said to be allowed to play in San Francisco


It’s almost crazy that, the fact that there is a part-time player in the NBA right now, has become a thing of normality. In that way, would it be right to call Kyrie Irving a revolutionary? No?

For those that may not know, the Nets star chose not to get vaccinated due to his belief that the vaccines hadn’t been tested enough, and that there may be issues with its level of safety.

And because of that, it was ruled that he would not be able to play in New York and San Francisco since they have a pretty strong vaccine mandate for those entering public arenas. Until of course, the Brooklyn Nets just took him out of team activities completely, as they did not want to keep a part-time player.

But of course, as most teams did, the Nets went through a massive injury crisis and needed all hands on deck. And so, they brought him back.

Kyrie will still not be allowed to play in New York, and in San Francisco. Or will he?

Let’s just say that certain loopholes were found. And a certain politician is not happy about it.

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Matt Haney speaks out on Kyrie Irving being able to play against the Golden State Warriors in San Francisco

As the subheading above suggests, the Brooklyn Nets have a game coming up against the Golden State Warriors, in San Francisco. And of course, it was expected that Kyrie Irving wouldn’t be able to play in that match. However, the NBA found a loophole for their star.

Irving will be allowed to play against the Warriors because it seems that their vaccine mandate does not apply to visitors. And since the Nets are the visiting team here, even unvaccinated players will be allowed to play.

This is a controversial twist to the tale, without question. And it definitely wasn’t one that politician, and San Francisco Supervisor, Matt Haney liked at all. Here is what he told KCBS radio.

“I don’t think it makes much sense at all. He’s not allowed to play in New York, I don’t know why there would be an exception for him to play in San Francisco… “We have a standard for everyone who is at Chase Center from the players to the people who work there and it should extend to visiting basketball players.”

We can’t say we disagree with Haney here. But, hey! The NBA always finds a way!

All you can do is get with it.

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