“Look at what they did to us, Skip Bayless!”: Shannon Sharpe can’t help but react as fans photoshop the duo into the background of Michael Jordan’s and LeBron James’ embrace

Shannon Sharpe hilariously calls out Skip Bayless after the duo are photoshopped into a picture of LeBron James and Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan vs LeBron James. Will the debate ever end?

Frankly, any answer to that question that isn’t a ‘HELL NAW’ isn’t ever going to be right. Heck, this has been a dispute that has spanned over a decade at this point. And even to this day, after countless arguments, disputes, insults even, between fans, we’re frankly no closer to knowing what the right answer is here. But of course, that has never stopped ‘Undisputed’ hosts Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe from ever stopping their debate on the matter.

As most fans know, Bayless is perhaps the greatest LeBron hater of all time. And, with Sharpe being dubbed as a ‘Bronsexual’ by countless fans across the world, their disputes on the matter were never bound to end.

This has led to innumerable fans bringing them up in some hilarious memes on the matter. And that phenomenon did not stop during All-Star weekend either.

During the highly anticipated NBA event, LeBron James and Michael Jordan were seen embracing. And well, let’s just say, a meme that came out of it had Shannon Sharpe bawling, and screaming Skip Bayless’s name.

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Shannon Sharpe can’t help but laugh as he and Skip Bayless are posed arguing as Michael Jordan and LeBron James enjoy a heart-warming moment

Being the subjects of such a ferocious debate, it is rare to see any level of interaction between James and Jordan. So, when they hugged, many fans decided to put aside their differences and acknowledge each other with a warm hug. But some others saw it as a golden opportunity, to pull this little stunt.

We won’t lie, if Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless were really there in the background, we can’t see them do anything other than what they appear to be doing in this picture. And that, along with acknowledgment from one of the men themselves, needs to justify this being appreciate amongst some of the greatest NBA memes of all time.

Now, we just hope that this little picture is discussed next on Undisputed.

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