“Luka Doncic gets his signature shoe deal from Michael Jordan”: Mavericks superstar to launch his signature shoe line with Nike’s Jordan Brand

Michael Jordan gets Luka Doncic his own signature line with Jordan Brand, first sneakers are going to come out by the end of June.

MJ played his last season for the Chicago Bulls in 1998 and Nike officially launched the Jordan Brand marketed as “a pure, authentic basketball brand of premium, high-performance basketball footwear and apparel inspired by the performance legacy, vision and direct involvement of Michael Jordan.”

That started something which hasn’t been seen in the NBA, an athlete’s personal line of merchandise becoming much bigger than other brands.

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“Air Jordan” is the biggest and most renowned brand personal line of merchandise in the world by a distance. They have some of the greatest players around all sports, including the likes of Lionel Messi from European football.

Speaking of Europe, in late 2019, Jordan Brand officially announced Luka Doncic as the newest member of its growing roster of athletes. The Rookie of the Year, who was just into his second season as a pro, had all the promise to be a perennial force in the NBA.

And now that he has surpassed all of those expectations and has done even more as a player, he gets his own line in the Jordan Brand.

Luka Doncic signs with Michael Jordan brand and somehow NBA Twitter isn’t happy

The Mavericks superstar is getting his line of sneakers, which might go by the name “the Luka 1” or “the Sly Fox”. Based on how it usually goes, the former one has better chances when the sneakers come out later this year.

They might come out as early as the end of June 2022.

Ideally, there shouldn’t have been any debate about who should have gotten their own line first among Luka, Jayson Tatum, or Zion Williamson. But as we know the fans, they are quick to call out Slovenian getting the deal before their favorite player.

It stirred a real debate among Luka and Tatum stans.

And then this hilarious one.

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