“Luka Doncic is physical as f**k and flops at the same time”: Patrick Beverley reveals the Mavericks superstar’s secret recipe to playing him off Ty Lue’s rotations

Patrick Beverley says guarding Luka Doncic is so tough because he is as physical and floppy as his own self.

If you’ve followed the NBA with any degree of seriousness in the past couple of years, the name of Luka Doncic will definitely have stood out to you. He’s by far the world’s best young basketball player at the moment.

If people start questioning his credentials, they can take a look at his 2 consecutive All-NBA First Team selections. Or his MVP voting finishes in the past couple of seasons. In fact, they can look up his playoff stats to confirm that he’s tied at 33.4 ppg with one Michael Jordan.

Luka Doncic slander has always been fast and easy to come by early on during each of his 4 seasons. But by the time we reach the tail end, his MVP candidature has routinely become unmistakable – undeniable.

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Patrick Beverley tries to explain how guarding Luka Doncic is so frustrating

Patrick Beverley is one of the latest guests with JJ Redick on his podcast called ‘The Old Man and the Three’. Beverley is one of the major reasons why the Minnesota Timberwolves are locked solidly into 7th seed.

But Beverley was completely outclassed by Luka Doncic every time the All-Defensive Team member encountered him in the playoffs. It remains one of the biggest blemishes on Beverley, who prides his own defensive mindset.

According to the former Clippers team member, Luka Doncic runs his opponents ragged because of his superior basketball IQ:

“His intelligence. He’s physical as f**k and flops at the same time, which is the exact same thing I do.”

“So you can’t really guard him physically, the way I wanna guard him. He did a good job of exploiting that. Real good job.”

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Luka and his Mavericks may have been eliminated in the first round, but one of the enduring memories from last year’s playoffs will definitely be that of him mouthing ‘Too f**king small’ at Beverley.

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