Matthew Stafford reaches two NFL records only one current quarterback can top with Super Bowl title

Matthew Stafford finally was able to erase the shadow as a losing quarterback after leading the Los Angeles Rams to a Super Bowl title in his first season with the team. Stafford set a unique NFL record that will be hard to top with his first Super Bowl title.

Stafford has 49,995 passing yards and 323 passing touchdowns in his career, the most passing yards and passing touchdowns for any quarterback to win his first Super Bowl title. John Elway had 278 passing touchdowns before his first championship in Super Bowl XXXII (1997 season), the most passing touchdowns before his first championship. Johnny Unitas had 280 touchdown passes before his first Super Bowl championship, but Unitas already had three NFL titles to his name when he was the winning quarterback of Super Bowl V in the 1970 season. 

Stafford also passed Elway for the most passing yards before his first title, as Elway totaled 48,669 passing yards when he won Super Bowl XXXII (1997 season). Of the top-12 quarterbacks in passing yards, Stafford is one of nine to win a Super Bowl. Stafford is also one of eight quarterbacks that rank in the top 12 in touchdown passes to win a Super Bowl. 

“Yeah, I mean, it’s probably going to take some time, you know, I’m going to have to think about it,” Stafford said after Sunday’s game regarding his legacy. “I know in the moment I was, I didn’t know what to think. I was just a little emotional and so happy to be a world champ and so happy to be a part of this group. That’s the biggest thing, it’s not me, it’s not any individual on this team. We’re a group, we’re a team and to get it done together was so special.”

Only one active quarterback can pass Stafford’s unique record if he wins a Super Bowl title in the coming years — and that’s Matt Ryan. Ryan has 59,735 passing yards (eighth in NFL history) and 367 passing touchdowns (ninth in NFL history), which will only increase in the coming seasons if he were to capture a Super Bowl title. 

Stafford could be holding this distinct honor for a long time. 

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