“Me and Jaylen Brown talk about the trade rumors all the time”: Jayson Tatum reveals how the Celtics’ superstar duo keeps front office trade talk on the backburner

Jayson Tatum makes it clear that Jaylen Brown and his pairing isn’t going anywhere from Boston anytime soon.

The Boston Celtics have clearly underperformed, or so it would seem if you were a consumer of mainstream sports media. After all, this is a front office that fleeced Brooklyn to no end back in 2013, netting 2 top-3 picks.

Those picks turned into the team’s franchise cornerstones way earlier than anyone could have foreseen. Jayson Tatum lit the league up in the playoffs as a rookie, dunking on prime LeBron James in Game 7 of a playoff series.

Boston made it back to that stage 2 years later, with a different All-Star manning the point guard position. Kemba Walker, however, couldn’t make the difference against a Miami Heat team playing some of the best playoff defense in the recent past.

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Ultimately, there have been clamors across the league for the Celtics’ front office to trade one of Jaylen or Jayson to acquire a top-5 caliber player.

Jayson Tatum reveals how he and Jaylen Brown deal with constant trade rumors

Jayson Tatum recently was a guest with JJ Redick on ‘The Old Man and the Three’ podcast. The Duke duo went deep into all things Jayson Tatum, right from his early basketball years.

One thing that JJ Redick wanted to make clear to his audiences was how Jaylen Brown and Tatum are clearly comfortable playing with each other. He probed the 23-year-old about whether they talk about the constant trade rumors out in the open, to which JT replied:

“Yeah. We do have plenty of talks. I think it’s really picked up this year, especially at the end of the season. And we’ve had plenty of talks with each other like ‘Hey, you wanna be here?’ And both of us are like ‘Yeah!’”

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The clamor for Jaylen or Jayson to be traded has died down considerably after their recent turnaround. Through the calendar year of 2022, Boston has the best defense in the NBA – bar none. They’ve also won 9 of their last 10 games and are trending upwards rapidly.

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