“Michael Jordan and LeBron James are basically on the same level for me!”: Charles Oakley gives his honest to god verdict on the ever-present GOAT debate

Charles Oakley reveals his verdict on who he thinks should be chosen between LeBron James and Michael Jordan


Really, is the Michael Jordan vs LeBron James debate EVER going to be settled?

Who was better in their prime? How much help did they have? What is the value of their titles, and just how many do they have? We as an NBA community have gotten far too used to this debate at this point. And yet, it only continues to entice as that much more, whenever there is a new take on the matter.

Speaking of which, you’ve heard of Charles Oakley, right? A former NBA player himself, an All-Star, and even one of the best defensive players in an era where defensive couldn’t have possibly been better than it was already.

Well, that man, one who Michael Jordan’s teammate during his early career, and one who hails from Cleveland, within the same state of Ohio, that a certain LeBron James is from. And so, during a promo for his upcoming memoir ‘The Last Enforcer’. And during this promo, Oakley was asked this all-important question. And we’ll be honest here, no matter what side of the debate you’re on, you’re going to want to hear his answer.

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Charles Oakley hesitates quite a bit before eventually giving his answer on Michael Jordan vs LeBron James

As we said, Charles Oakley has roots on both sides here… though we’d be lying if we said they were a bit thicker on Michael Jordan’s end. At the end of the day, not only were the teammates during the early parts of Jordan’s career, but Oakley was even his protector of sorts.

Still, when he was asked who he would choose between Michael Jordan and LeBron James, the man tried to stay as neutral as possible. And we will say, his response most certainly reflects that. Take a look at the YouTube clip below.

1A and 1B? Yeah, we can most definitely accept that.

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