“Michael Jordan cheated in a game of cards against his teammate’s mother”: Bulls legend showcased his psychotic hypercompetitive behavior in a measly game of cards

Michael Jordan would try to cheat in a game of cards while up against Buzz Peterson’s mother, showing off his competitiveness. 

When it comes to competitiveness in the NBA, only a handful of players in the history of the league hold a candle to Michael Jordan. Everything from battling security guards prior to games in seeing who can toss coin games the furthest without touching the wall to tee-ing up with Chuck Daly the morning after a loss, Jordan was different. 

He would soon realize that being competitive wasn’t enough for him and would start betting money. Gambling of course, is best when playing cards. After having watched ‘The Last Dance’ docuseries, it’s quite apparent that Michael Jordan used to play cards with his Chicago Bulls teammates on team flights whenever he could.

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With Jordan, Pippen, and the rest of the starters making bigger bucks, guys who rode the bench couldn’t chip in as they didn’t make enough money. With Jordan being as competitive as he was, forcing those guys to play cards with his squad at the back of the plane was normal practice. 

Michael Jordan tried to cheat in a game of cards with Buzz Peterson’s mother. 

Buzz Peterson and Michael Jordan shared the court as UNC Tar Heels and built up a solid relationship with one another in the latter’s three years at the university. While visiting North Carolina from time to time, Jordan would stop by Buzz’s house and play cards with him or his mother.

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One day, according to Chuck Klosterman of ESPN, Michael Jordan would try to cheat in this game of cards while Peterson’s mother used the restroom. 

“I doubt Buzz Peterson would tell this yarn if it had involved his mother and some random dude he met in Anthropology 251,” wrote Klosterman. 

Essentially, the gospel of Michael Jordan and how competitive he was, has been spreading for nearly half a century now due to stories like this coming to surface. 

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