“Michael Jordan loved cars so much, he bought himself a dealership!” The richest NBA athlete puts his money to good use, be it on luxury or business ventures

Michael Jordan spends his money like a true billionaire – a diversified portfolio of luxury and investments

Michael Jordan became a billionaire after his playing days – but he was no stranger to luxury. He owned a bunch of cars, ensconced himself in luxury brands, and lived in mansions. He has a custom-designed bespoke mansion sprawling over multiple acres of land.

The best part of his affinity for cars was him buying a whole dealership! He was not all for needless spending though, investing in multiple facets. Some of them worked, but some of them tanked quite spectacularly. His investment in GameStop cost him a cool half a billion dollars, but he isn’t worried.

He’s on the alternate investment route now, buying up his old rookie cards. Basketball cards are all the rage now, so he knows the value of them. Imagine buying a card of Michael Jordan, owned by MJ, and signed by him. That would break the internet.

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Michael Jordan was the first billionaire athlete from the NBA – he did not earn it all during his playing career though

Michael Jordan played in an era when salaries weren’t exorbitant and only the top players got the big bucks. Even then MJ got paid the best because he was the best in the league. To say he only made 94 million dollars as a player seems sacrilegious, but smart investments paired with sublime marketing made sure he was always in the upper echelon of athletes.

The Black Jesus and his lifelong deal with Nike paired with the general public’s craze to buy his sneakers means that he will never go broke. Not that he was in trouble anyway, seeing that he is worth 1.8 billion. His investment into the then-called Charlotte Bobcats was the best deal he ever made since the team is now a billion-dollar baby.

LeBron James is well on track to follow the footsteps of his idol – He wore the number 23, is a billionaire, and plans to own a team once he retires.

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