“Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson”: Jamal Crawford lists his 5 favorite guards while speaking to Celtics legend Kevin Garnett

Former player Jamal Crawford speaks with legend Kevin Garnett on how he drew from Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Isiah Thomas


Back in his day, Jamal Crawford was a PROBLEM.

He was quite literally, the ideal player you’d want to have come off your bench. Heck, there is a reason why he won 6th man of the year 3 times in his career.

If your team has good momentum behind it already, he’d come on and make that momentum that much stronger. And, if you needed a mood changer, or even somebody to get things going at a time of crisis, this man seemingly could do that with ease as well.

Whenever he came on for a team, of course, his 14.6 points per game always proved crucial. But more than that, it was his flashy, streetball-esque playstyle that capture the hearts of every on-looker.

Given that fact, many fans have often wondered which player Crawford crafted his silky smooth handle and overall playstyle after. And while the man was on Kevin Garnett’s podcast, it seems that the Celtics legend couldn’t resist either.

Garnett asked Crawford who were his top 3 favorite guards in the NBA, that he chose to emulate during his career. And to that, let’s just say, KG got a very interesting answer.

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Jamal Crawford lists Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Isiah Thomas as his 3 favorite guards, before listing his favorite 10 from NBA history

Frankly, we’re fighting off the strong, strong urge of just filling this article up with more compilations of Jamal Crawford’s insane handle. That alone should you give context for just how good this man was with a ball in his hand.

But of course, he wasn’t the first one in NBA history with a smooth handle and an incredible feel for the game. Of course, the man looked to emulate one of his heroes, while growing up… or shall we say ten?

Speaking to KG, Crawford revealed the 10 players he looked to emulate during his time in the NBA. Here is what he said.

“(My three favorite guards are) Michael (Jordan), Magic (Johnson), Isiah (Thomas)!…I’mma tell you, my 10 favorite players, ever… Those three, Kobe (Bryant), (Allen) Iverson, GP (Gary Payton), T-Mac (Tracy McGrady), Grant Hill, Penny (Hardaway), and Ticket (Kevin Garnett). Only ‘big’ on the list. I got a wall in my house, and I’mma show you. I got all you guys’ jerseys.”

Garnett was justifiably quite surprised by hearing his name on the list, given that the man is 6’11”, and clearly a big man during his time in the NBA, and this was a list dominated by guards. But boy was he a good shooter.

The man shot a scorching 49.7% from the field for his career, despite taking a substantial number of long twos throughout his career. Frankly, his jumper was so soft and smooth, it put pancakes to shame.

So, we definitely don’t hate that selection, Mr. Crawford.

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