“Michael Jordan really pulled Penny Hardaway’s pants down at the All-Star Game”: Bulls legend hilariously embarrassed the Magic guard during the 1996 ASG introductions

Michael Jordan hilariously pulled down Penny Hardaway’s pants during the All-Star Game introductions in 1996. 

Michael Jordan remains to be perhaps the most competitive player to have ever taken to NBA hardwood. Despite him having several friendships across the league, it was usually revealed that he was strategizing against them during their time together, with Charles Barkley being the most famous example of this. 

However, All-Star weekend was different. There was no need for any strategy going into the game as the game didn’t matter. It was merely an exhibition bout for the fans. Michael Jordan understood this as he’d be the center of attention before, during, and after the game.

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His antics at prior to the commencement of the 1996 All-Star Game provided us with yet another classic MJ moment as he looked to embarrass his fellow Eastern Conference All-Star guard, Penny Hardaway. 

Hardaway and MJ don’t share much history together other than the fact that the former’s Magic were the last team to eliminate the Chicago Bulls from the Playoffs, in 1995. 

Michael Jordan trolls Penny Hardaway at the 1996 NBA All-Star Game. 

The 1996 All-Star is one of the most iconic ASGs to have taken place in league history. Michael Jordan, as expected, won the MVP here while scoring 20 points. Penny Hardaway added 18 points of his own en route to the Eastern Conference winning the game in San Antonio, 129-118.

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Prior to the game however, Jordan hilariously trolled Hardaway by pulling apart his tear-away pants during the East’s introduction, causing the latter to become mildly irritated. 

This didn’t affect their game however as it’s a well known fact that, while they stood to be rivals during their playing days, the two are on good terms post-retirement. This of course, can’t be said about a lot of his other Eastern Conference rivals. 

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